Preparing for Your Project

Most clients want to know what to get in order before choosing to work with an architect. The simple fact is that a project can begin with as little as a specific need and budget. But the best prepared clients are able to expedite the process and save on fees because of their careful preparation. These tips are particularly applicable to private business clients, but could be utilized by any client for any project.

1) Document your current facility. Look for traffic bottlenecks, underutilized spaces, popular areas, and parts of the facility that are not performing or holding up well. Make thorough notes on any problems and anything you would wish to recreate in a new space.
2) Obtain input from employees at all levels and other building users. Those that utilize your facility might be customers, students, or the general public. Ask for feedback. Reward employees for noticing possible improvements that could be made in traffic flow, location of resources, and other observations about how the current facility is utilized.
3) Point out any specific requests early in the process. Is there a particular feature or look you are going for? Is there a corporate identity standard that you need to meet? Bringing these "must haves" out early in the process is always a good idea.
4) Keep your facility goals in mind, but be flexible about the process. Allow the design professionals to develop solutions that meet all of your goals and objectives.

When you prepare thoroughly with a clear idea of your needs and budgets, architects are very skilled at providing creative and thoughtful solutions within the parameters that are necessary for your project.