Architectural Myth Busting

Are you wondering what it's like to work with an architect? Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions in the marketplace. Here are some of the most common myths in the marketplace.

I can't afford to hire an architect. In most cases the architect saves you money, time, and hassles on a construction project. At SDS Architects, we strive to bring real value to your project. We are construction and materials experts. We can make suggestions that make the best use of your budget. We are an independent party looking out for your best interests holding contractors accountable. We pride ourselves on delivering nearly every project on time, on budget and with a very small number of change orders (half of the national average, in fact). Nearly every past client would say, in fact, that you can't afford NOT to hire an architect.

Architectural designs are crazy and impractical. The vast majority of architects, including SDS Architects, pride themselves on designing practical and buildable spaces that also feature flair and aesthetically pleasing looks. The team at SDS Architects includes a great depth of construction site knowledge. Nearly everyone in the office has worked in the field for a contractor at some point in his or her career. This provides practical insight about how to accomplish projects in the real world.

They will design their vision, not mine. While it's true that some firms have a tendency to develop a "look," you'll find that each and every project designed by SDS Architects is unique and different. The designs are suited to the client and to the needs of the users rather than the personal style preferences of the architect. True professionals create projects pleasing to their clients.

Our contractor can do it all. Many consumers are inexperienced at managing a construction project and benefit greatly by having a trained professional watching out for their best interests. Architects manage the budget, timeframe, and quality control on a project besides creative design aspects. Construction projects typically come with a significant price tag and our clients find that having a qualified professional managing a project is well worth the investment.

When you have questions about working with an architect please call our office and visit with one of our team members. We will be glad to tell you about our experiences and put you in touch with past clients to learn about working with SDS Architects.