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What is Green Design?

Have you heard of Green Design, LEED Certification or Sustainable Building? This terminology is popular today and the practice of incorporating sustainable strategies and energy efficiencies into many new building projects has gained favor in the marketplace.

What is it?
These terms can refer to anything from choosing more efficient windows, doors, insulation, HVAC systems and lighting to incorporating regionally produced materials or using materials and finishes with minimal or zero VOC chemicals or off-gassing. In addition, natural lighting, site and stormwater management and other attributes of sustainable design and processes are all part of projects referred to as "green."

Is Certification Necessary?
While there are certification programs to qualify facilities for certain levels of performance, many owners incorporate sustainable design features without pursuing specialized certification. Long-range savings in energy costs and water use are often the motivation for incorporating sustainable features.

Can anyone build a LEED project?
If your project has a certification requirement you will want to work with an accredited firm experienced in LEED projects. SDS Architects' staff includes a Sustainability Specialist who maintains certifications for LEED and Green Globes projects, and everyone on our team has sustainable project experience.

Efficiency is always a welcome part of a new construction project. No matter your level of interest in "green" building, SDS Architects brings efficiency and cost saving options to each and every project.