Furniture Procurement Services by SDS Architects | Interior Design

Selecting the right furniture for a space can be a challenging and somewhat daunting task. There are thousands of quality, commercial grade furniture suppliers to choose from; numerous distributors trying to sell you their product; and countless finishes/functional options that need to be selected. How do you sort through it all, find the best products for your project, and make the best selections for your project budget? It can become an easy and enjoyable process with guidance from the Interior Design team at SDS Architects.


SDS works with manufacturers and distributors throughout the country to help make furniture procurement less painful for our clients. For each project we work independently to sort through products and make suggestions on the items that best meet your goals in terms of budget, lifespan, style, and functionality.


SDS can help with:

  • Budget review
  • Preparation of all purchase orders
  • Tracking and expediting of all items being purchased
  • Compiling Detailed Reports of Purchases
  • Arranging delivery that is on-time and according to plan
  • Follow-up with vendors for any product not up to established standards



Is this more expensive?

Having SDS Architects assist with your furniture procurement can, in fact, cost you less in both product pricing and in time spent, managing the process.


Does SDS work on commission from manufacturers?

No, SDS does not work on a commission from either furniture manufacturers or vendors. Our goal is to serve your best interests.


How much “say” does the client have?

All proposed purchases are approved by clients prior to ordering. SDS makes suggestions and handles all details, but the client makes the final decisions.