Laura Eysnogle
Interior Designer,
I always think I was born into this field. My dad was a plumber and my mom was a self-taught interior designer. My parents designed and built all the houses I grew up in; moving on to the next one once current house was complete. Consequently, I grew up on construction sites.

I love working with people and helping to make their lives a bit better. Design is a very intimate thing. It's all about getting to know your client and how they live in their spaces. There is nothing more rewarding to me than meeting a person; talking through their needs, desires, hobbies, and habits; relating to them to truly understand them; designing a space that will allow them to thrive; and finally, the look on their faces at the grand opening. Seeing how our work, our designs, and our ideas have positively impacted their lives.

My passion for building and design extends into my personal life, as well. I am constantly redesigning my house including re-painting, updating, tearing down walls, considering additions, re-doing the landscaping, and thinking about what project is next.

I love to run and feel that every run is exponentially better with the inclusion of a bridge, tunnel, and/or boardwalk. Since Eau Claire is a city of rivers, I am in heaven. I also love to knit. I began knitting when I was eight years old and can't watch TV unless I am working on a project. To me, it's a small scale way to get my creative juices out when Josh won't let me tear a wall down.

My husband, Josh and I have two mischievous cats (Bumper and Benji) and one rambunctious dog (Jordy).