Hal Snow
When I was younger, the career of "architect" just sounded cool so I pursued it. Luckily, my interest was a natural one, and I was curious about how the built environment, with its endless opportunities to both impress and annoy, was created. I was curious about the process of how the built environment evolved, and what decisions were made and by whom. When I see a building, park, walkway or street that I find particularly interesting and beautiful in its design, I immediately begin to ponder the process by which that space became what it is today. That process continues to drive my interest and passion in architecture today and is, in my opinion, responsible for much of the better architecture that we enjoy in our communities.

Many people do not understand what it is that architects do, aside from creating attractive designs. As important and fun as that is, the real magic of what architects do lies in our ability to bring the many disparate and often conflicting pieces that make up a project and organize them. We combine them into something greater than the sum of its parts and bring a sense of wholeness and intent and create something amazing, something I like to call architecture. More often than not this involves bringing the many "human" pieces together, people of different ages, talents, skills and abilities who often have conflicting interests in the project, and participating with them in a process to create something amazing.

My career in architecture began in 1998 and my role at SDS Architects began in 2013. I studied Architecture at the University of Minnesota and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture and Spanish. I completed my Master of Architecture Degree at the University of Arizona.